How I envision the IAWTV

Seems to me that the IAWTV has, or should have, two major goals; to advance the mobile/online entertainment video content industry, and to provide resources to its members for the betterment of their lives and livelihoods, the craft and the community.

I’ve started a preliminary list of initiatives to achieve these goals below.  Please add or debate as you see fit. We can’t have a functional organization without defining its function.

Member Benefits

o   Education Initiatives

o   Voting Rights

o   Calendar of Relevant Events by location

o   Networking Opportunities

o   Up Fronts

Outreach/Industry Development

o   Public Online “New Media 101” tutorials for aspiring creators

o   Audience Choice Award, perhaps allowing the audience to disagree with the voting body in certain categories or some other way to allow more community involvement.

o   Establish relationships with local/state/international film commissions.

o   Establish IAWTV Ambassadors in the growing new media communities globally where possible

o   Establish relationships with other industry organizations to share/exchange resources such as; Ad industry Groups, Studios, Labor Groups, Agencies, Casting Society, Entertainment Law Groups, Festivals, Conferences, AMPTP, Networks, local/state/federal/international Chambers of Commerce.

o   Work with universities to provide supplemental curriculum for film students

o   Establish a relationship with Google to highlight member content through Google TV, and other devices.

o   Establish a relationship with Apple to provide short form content via iTunes, and apps for AppleTV, iPhone, iPad to highlight member content

o   Establish a relationship with Blackberry to highlight content on their devices.

o   Viewer recruitment efforts

I would also like to see the academy do things such as the following:

o   Increase transparency

o   Publish clear membership rules

o   Establish and publish clear committee rules

o   Publish clear Election rules

And more, but I’ll let you guys add to the list.

Furthermore, though they say LA has no sense of history, I believe there are many lessons to be learned from groups such as ours who formed in the early days of Film and TV. I’ve attached links to several of these organizations “history” pages. The reasons for the formation of these organizations and the challenges they faced are paralleled in today’s WebTV industry. Perhaps understanding this history will allow us greater perspective on where we as an organization should be focusing our attention.

History of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences –

History of the MPAA –

History of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences –

In Solidarity,

Will Marshall



4 responses to “How I envision the IAWTV

  1. Bliptv content is already available on iTunes which has long allowed for short form video podcasts. Early video podcasts included TikiBar and French Maids.

    • Though iTunes does and has allowed short form content, the don’t accept many submissions. The view short form content as low value and therefore many web series are unable to sell through their service.

  2. It would be nice if the IAWTV would reverse their position on geoblocking. I get the business relevance but you simply cannot be considered a good “citizen” of the “www” if you are geoblocking. You can be on a regional intranet but that is not the World Wide Web. Companies are free to geoblock but if they do they should not be eligible for a World Wide Web series award because they are not on it.

    It is ironic that the same people who support net neutrality also support regional censorship. Some companies may want to apply business strategies from the last millennium but the IAWTV should make it clear that such approaches have implications in terms of the World Wide Web where they literally break the fabric of the web.

    • I was until now unaware that the IAWTV is geoblocking. Can’t think of any logical reason for an “International” organization to do so. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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