Why I Voted Yes To Adjust IAWTV Board Terms

If  you’re a member of the IAWTV, you received the email asking you to vote to extend the the terms of 5 of the organizations Board Members to ensure “consistency”. Aside from the fact that (IMO and experience)  staff should remain agnostic on election matters, I was at first a little offended by the idea that the post-open enrollment membership was somehow not as sophisticated as the “original” membership. I wondered what consistency were they worried about retaining? There’s not been many, or any that I know of, publicly known achievements made by the current board. But as I allowed myself to calm and think objectively I realized that it is possible that the current Board may be working on some great, long-term projects, and not immediately focusing on the short-term, nor touting their advancements well.

After a quick reference of the IAWTV By-Laws, which Elisabeth was kind of enough to send to me due to a broken link on iawtv.org, I determined that extending the terms would be a good thing for a couple of reasons.

First, it would be helpful to the new board members to have the original members on hand to bring them up to speed on the activities of the previous board.

And second, not that I believe the following to be true, but if for some reason it’s determined that the previous board governed ineffectively or inappropriately, board members may be removed by the majority of the board. As 6 seats are up for election in December, the new members will have majority control over the 5 original members. So not only does extending the terms of the 5 Board Members elected this past May allow us to better understand the previous boards achievements, but it also allows for accountability.




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