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Xenophobia at the IAWTV?! Not Quite

This is a re-post of a comment I made in the IAWTV member forums on the topic of under-representation of member communities outside of LA and NY, both domestically and internationally. More specifically the discussion was on the alleged implied disinterest in those communities by current board candidates as according to their respective candidate statements.

I agree that we as an organization must become more diligent in servicing non-LA/NY based member communities. Working for a member service organization with 23 branch divisions has instilled in me a heightened awareness of the importance of providing not only a comprable level of service, but also that those services must be tailored to the unique needs of the respective community.

The challenge here is identifying those communities and understanding/providing for their unique needs. Several weeks ago I began a (non-IAWTV) project to do just this. Starting with the obvious locals of Austin and Vancouver, I have established a… local “point-person” familiar with their respective budding communities, and have been educated on all things new media in those cities. Which reminds me, I owe them both an update.

It seems prudent to create a group, be it a committee, a task-force, an away-team whatever, with representatives from the growing communities from around the globe in order to share information on their respective communities and to help best determine their needs from the organization.

Will Marshall



Nominees for IAWTV Board of Directors Announced

The IAWTV today announced the nominees for the Board of Directors.  I’m very excited to have been one of the few nominated, especially given the awesomeness of my fellow nominees. Below is my candidates statement which was made available to members earlier today.

I’m honored to accept my nomination as a candidate for the IAWTV Board of Directors.

Since having helped launch SAG New Media in 2007 I’ve had the distinct opportunity to spend my days and many nights working with media executives, distributors, ad agencies and tech executives. Best of all I’ve had the honor to work with many of the intensely passionate and creative individuals from the new media community, a community to which I am proud to belong.

It is my desire to see the IAWTV leverage the knowledge and skills of its members to lead the development of our industry. This can be accomplished through many initiatives but perhaps most importantly by leveraging the existing relationships of the membership to effectively build relationships on behalf of the IAWTV. Utilizing the relationships of the membership to expand the profile of the organization also enables members to expand their own profiles by providing them greater exposure.

As a member service organization much attention should also be given to providing valuable services and I believe there’s none more valuable as educational resources. The diverse array of knowledge and skills of IAWTV members could easily be spread through peer learning groups and other programs. We’ve seen the value in these efforts with the recent success of the writers group and the producers group. It is my desire to expand upon these education initiatives to provide members with the tools they need to thrive.

Having spent nearly the past four years working with individuals from all areas and at every level of the entertainment and tech industries, I have developed an extensive skill set and deep understanding of the business needs for new media professionals. I have also created a vast network of relationships and I believe that it’s this combination of skills, understanding of the industry and industry relationships, which will allow me to help the IAWTV and its members achieve these goals.

In Solidarity,

Will Marshall