Kamikaze Coffee (beta) Live for IAWTV Members!

Want to get to know your fellow IAWTV members but you’re not sure where or with whom to start? Sign up for Kamikaze Coffee and be randomly assigned a fellow member to get to know over a cup of joe.

How it Works

It’s easy! Simply click here and submit your information. Once your coffee-mate has been randomly selected you will both receive an email introducing you to each other so that you and your coffee-mate can arrange your meet-up.

How It Began

Kamikaze Coffee began as an idea I had for encouraging the building of member-to-member relationships within the IAWTV. Understanding that it can be difficult to meet members outside of our own professional and social circles, I wanted to find a way for members to meet other members they may not otherwise have occasion to meet. My solution, randomly arranged meet-ups.

I posted the idea in the member forums where it generated quite a bit of interest. From the forum discussion, fellow member Adam Lohnes stepped in to build the online sign-up form and an automatic randomizer on the back-end. And all of this in his spare time for free. Were it not for Adam’s hard work I’d be drawing names from a hat. Feel free to thank him personally for his efforts.

Kamikaze Coffee is but a small testament of what the members of the IAWTV can accomplish by working together and sharing their unique skills and knowledge. It’s my hope that Kamikaze Coffee will help build the relationships that go on to create even better things.

Enjoy your Coffee!

Will Marshall

For questions, comments or support, email me at williamtmarshall@gmail.com or kamikazecoffee@gmail.com.

*A quick note on safety. Though I don’t feel that any IAWTV member would act inappropriately or cause concerns for the safety of others, please consider your personal safety when arranging your meet-up. If you feel uncomfortable meeting you’re coffee-mate alone, feel free to bring a friend. Also feel free to report to me any issues you may encounter.  And about that coffee, careful, it’s hot.


3 responses to “Kamikaze Coffee (beta) Live for IAWTV Members!

  1. Hello, first off I hate doing this.

    Pls help me. I’m following Brett’ blog and also Brett Twitter.

    But couldn’t find the way to let him know about my dashoboard problem on Twitter. How can I do it? I posted that on my Twitter page though.
    My problem is that I am not able to view the blogs I’m folowing from my dashboard reading list a whole month now. I’ve posted that on Help Forum but it doesn’t seem to get fixed.
    Thank you so much and so sorry for any inconveniece.


    P.S. Just came across your site while reading Brett’s tweets.
    Your blog is so interesting.

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