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Kamikaze Coffee (beta) Live for IAWTV Members!

Want to get to know your fellow IAWTV members but you’re not sure where or with whom to start? Sign up for Kamikaze Coffee and be randomly assigned a fellow member to get to know over a cup of joe.

How it Works

It’s easy! Simply click here and submit your information. Once your coffee-mate has been randomly selected you will both receive an email introducing you to each other so that you and your coffee-mate can arrange your meet-up.

How It Began

Kamikaze Coffee began as an idea I had for encouraging the building of member-to-member relationships within the IAWTV. Understanding that it can be difficult to meet members outside of our own professional and social circles, I wanted to find a way for members to meet other members they may not otherwise have occasion to meet. My solution, randomly arranged meet-ups.

I posted the idea in the member forums where it generated quite a bit of interest. From the forum discussion, fellow member Adam Lohnes stepped in to build the online sign-up form and an automatic randomizer on the back-end. And all of this in his spare time for free. Were it not for Adam’s hard work I’d be drawing names from a hat. Feel free to thank him personally for his efforts.

Kamikaze Coffee is but a small testament of what the members of the IAWTV can accomplish by working together and sharing their unique skills and knowledge. It’s my hope that Kamikaze Coffee will help build the relationships that go on to create even better things.

Enjoy your Coffee!

Will Marshall

For questions, comments or support, email me at or

*A quick note on safety. Though I don’t feel that any IAWTV member would act inappropriately or cause concerns for the safety of others, please consider your personal safety when arranging your meet-up. If you feel uncomfortable meeting you’re coffee-mate alone, feel free to bring a friend. Also feel free to report to me any issues you may encounter.  And about that coffee, careful, it’s hot.


Xenophobia at the IAWTV?! Not Quite

This is a re-post of a comment I made in the IAWTV member forums on the topic of under-representation of member communities outside of LA and NY, both domestically and internationally. More specifically the discussion was on the alleged implied disinterest in those communities by current board candidates as according to their respective candidate statements.

I agree that we as an organization must become more diligent in servicing non-LA/NY based member communities. Working for a member service organization with 23 branch divisions has instilled in me a heightened awareness of the importance of providing not only a comprable level of service, but also that those services must be tailored to the unique needs of the respective community.

The challenge here is identifying those communities and understanding/providing for their unique needs. Several weeks ago I began a (non-IAWTV) project to do just this. Starting with the obvious locals of Austin and Vancouver, I have established a… local “point-person” familiar with their respective budding communities, and have been educated on all things new media in those cities. Which reminds me, I owe them both an update.

It seems prudent to create a group, be it a committee, a task-force, an away-team whatever, with representatives from the growing communities from around the globe in order to share information on their respective communities and to help best determine their needs from the organization.

Will Marshall


Nominees for IAWTV Board of Directors Announced

The IAWTV today announced the nominees for the Board of Directors.  I’m very excited to have been one of the few nominated, especially given the awesomeness of my fellow nominees. Below is my candidates statement which was made available to members earlier today.

I’m honored to accept my nomination as a candidate for the IAWTV Board of Directors.

Since having helped launch SAG New Media in 2007 I’ve had the distinct opportunity to spend my days and many nights working with media executives, distributors, ad agencies and tech executives. Best of all I’ve had the honor to work with many of the intensely passionate and creative individuals from the new media community, a community to which I am proud to belong.

It is my desire to see the IAWTV leverage the knowledge and skills of its members to lead the development of our industry. This can be accomplished through many initiatives but perhaps most importantly by leveraging the existing relationships of the membership to effectively build relationships on behalf of the IAWTV. Utilizing the relationships of the membership to expand the profile of the organization also enables members to expand their own profiles by providing them greater exposure.

As a member service organization much attention should also be given to providing valuable services and I believe there’s none more valuable as educational resources. The diverse array of knowledge and skills of IAWTV members could easily be spread through peer learning groups and other programs. We’ve seen the value in these efforts with the recent success of the writers group and the producers group. It is my desire to expand upon these education initiatives to provide members with the tools they need to thrive.

Having spent nearly the past four years working with individuals from all areas and at every level of the entertainment and tech industries, I have developed an extensive skill set and deep understanding of the business needs for new media professionals. I have also created a vast network of relationships and I believe that it’s this combination of skills, understanding of the industry and industry relationships, which will allow me to help the IAWTV and its members achieve these goals.

In Solidarity,

Will Marshall



Why I Voted Yes To Adjust IAWTV Board Terms

If  you’re a member of the IAWTV, you received the email asking you to vote to extend the the terms of 5 of the organizations Board Members to ensure “consistency”. Aside from the fact that (IMO and experience)  staff should remain agnostic on election matters, I was at first a little offended by the idea that the post-open enrollment membership was somehow not as sophisticated as the “original” membership. I wondered what consistency were they worried about retaining? There’s not been many, or any that I know of, publicly known achievements made by the current board. But as I allowed myself to calm and think objectively I realized that it is possible that the current Board may be working on some great, long-term projects, and not immediately focusing on the short-term, nor touting their advancements well.

After a quick reference of the IAWTV By-Laws, which Elisabeth was kind of enough to send to me due to a broken link on, I determined that extending the terms would be a good thing for a couple of reasons.

First, it would be helpful to the new board members to have the original members on hand to bring them up to speed on the activities of the previous board.

And second, not that I believe the following to be true, but if for some reason it’s determined that the previous board governed ineffectively or inappropriately, board members may be removed by the majority of the board. As 6 seats are up for election in December, the new members will have majority control over the 5 original members. So not only does extending the terms of the 5 Board Members elected this past May allow us to better understand the previous boards achievements, but it also allows for accountability.



What’s With All The Name Calling At The IAWTV?!

On the subject of changing the name of the IAWTV

(re-posted from member forum)

The name of the organization should be broad, just like the community it represents. We shouldn’t focus so much on defining the scope of the organization through it’s name. Take for instance, (obvious example) Screen Actors Guild. By name alone you’d assume that they represent any actor and only actors on any screen, when in fact they represent six other performer groups, and don’t represent actors in Soap Operas, which of course is broadcast to TV screens. The name of the organization does not define the organizations scope. The mission statement does.

Peer Learning @ The IAWTV

Members of the IAWTV posses a staggeringly broad scope of knowledge and skills that could go toe to toe with any other industry organization. The one thing that the IAWTV has that they don’t is community (not to mention our techno-superiority… j/k).

I think that a great way to leverage our community and it’s knowledge/skills to strengthen not-only individual members, but the organization as a whole, would be to start a peer learning initiative. We may be well-versed in one or many areas, but there’s always something with which we have limited experience.

The idea is to team up an “expert” with a “novice” for either hand’s on shadowing, simple discussion or whatever works best.

So if you are an “expert” willing to help a “novice” learn your skills please post below with your area(s) of expertise and contact info.

Likewise if you are wanting to learn something.

School House Rocky said it best.

Will Marshall

Kamikaze Coffee Klatch

One of my favorite ways to get to know someone new is to have coffee with them and just shoot the $hit. And in yet another flash of genius [read sarcastically] I came up with the idea of randomly assigning two people from the community to meet up for coffee. Interested members can opt to have a single meet-up arranged, or may elect to have them on a recurring schedule. Though I like the idea of the selection being entirely random (And much easier to accomplish tech-wise) , It would probably be a good idea to allow members to elect to be matched only with their selected peer groups. I also Like the idea of location based selection.

I think this is a great way to meet people in the community and solidify relationships, and in turn strengthen the community in general.